Office of Communications


Design Request | Need a poster, flyer, shirt, logo, button or T-Shirt designed? Then you’re in the right place! If you have any questions about the information we’re asking for, please get in touch.

Social Media Promotion | If you need to have something promoted onto the main ASUW Facebook or Twitter please fill out this information.

Multi-Media Request | Need photos taken at an event or a video shot? Fill out this form and we will get you in touch with Daniel to see if he is available for the event.

New Calendar Event | Submit a request to have an event added to the main ASUW Calendar which will appear on the ASUW website. Please only submit ASUW events.

All Campus E-Mail Announcement  | The ASUW President sends out an e-mail to undergraduates at the University of Washington once every two weeks – if you have an announcement about an event or program you’d like to advertise, add it to this sheet and we will ensure it goes on the next e-mail.

Website Help | Let us know if you need a webmaster’s assistance in building, updating, or designing your entity webpage!

 Tech Help | Justin is here to fix computer, printers, and other technology that you need help with! Let us know what’s going wrong and he will schedule a time to meet with you!

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